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Out of the box WHMCS is very powerful software for running your web hosting business. However, there will come times when you need extra functionality that provides your business with a edge or caters more to the strengths or focuses of your business. This is where WHMCS Addon Modules comes in, addon modules allow you to extend the functionality of WHMCS and this website is a collection of the best addon modules available.

Top WHMCS Module Providers


ModulesGarden WHMCS addon modules

Choose from over 85 WHMCS Modules to enhance your website. ModulesGarden is the leading WHMCS developer and also the official partner of WHMCS.

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MyWorks Software

MyWorks Software WHMCS addon modules

MyWorks Software provide WooCommerce and WHMCS to QuickBooks sync integration modules allowing you to simplify the accounting of WHMCS.

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WHMCS Services

WHMCSServices WHMCS addon modules

Developer of WHMCS Modules and provider of WHMCS services. coupons Order Now


Popular WHMCS Modules

WHMCS invoice & quote - Responsive

whmcs responsive invoice & quote

This WHMCS Module replaces the default HTML invoice & quote with a elegant design and responsive one.

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WHMCS Flex Mail email template - Responsive*

whmcs email template

Flex Mail is a premium email template that once installed instantly replaces all WHMCS system emails.

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Multibrand For WHMCS

Multibrand For WHMCS

Manage multiple brands from your single WHMCS installation! This module is very impressive and always been highly requested for WHMCS.

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Advanced Billing For WHMCS

Advanced billing For WHMCS

This module allows you to bill your customers very specifically for server usage.

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cPanel Extended For WHMCS

cPanel extended billing For WHMCS

Adds much more functionality to the cPanel integration of WHMCS.

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QuickBooks For WHMCS

QuickBooks For WHMCS

Complete integration between WHMCS and QuickBooks

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Google Apps For WHMCS

WHMCS PayPal Billing Agreements

whmcs paypal billing agrements module

Allow you to charge your customer's PayPal accounts directly, just like a credit card! No longer will you need to worry about PayPal subscriptions or individual PayPal payments! Use coupon code ZOMEX for a 5% discount!

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WHMCS PayPal Advanced Gateway

whmcs paypal advanced gateway module

Charge your WHMCS clients - quickly and easily! We're excited to bring you the first & best WHMCS PayPal Advanced gateway for WHMCS! Use coupon code ZOMEX for a 5% discount!

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